Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I'm BaCk!! ThIs TiMe I'lL sHoW yOu AlL sOmE pIcS fRoM mY CaMeRoN TrIp. MoRe PiCs ThAn WoRdS tHiS tImE. a PiCtUrE sHoWs A tHoUsAnD WoRdS. EnJoY (^^)

MoRnInG mArKeTiNg

HmM, iS tHiS nIcE?


WhAt ArE tHeY lOoKiNg At? Is My FlY oPeN?

KiNg BuRgEr (15cM hIhg)

BaNg!! BaNg!! OnE SiP aNd YoU dIe!!

SleEpInG BeAuTy, WhErE's HeR PrInCe?

CoSpLaY!! My CuZ = LeAnInG ToWeR oF PiSa

WaNnA rUmBlE?!

ThAt AlL fOr NoW. tOo LaZy. (XD) WaTcH oUt FoR pArT 2!! ByE fOr NoW.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Am I Dreaming?

hIe AlL, iTs Me AgAiN. gUeSs WhAt? StPm Is FiNaLly OvEr. O-jOy!!! I gUeSs ThIs Is WhAt YoU'Ll SeE iN EvErY UpPeR sIx StUdEnTs BloG. sTpM iS oVeR!! wOw I sTiLl CaNt BeLiEvE iT. iTs FiNaLlY oVeR. PiTcH mE sOmEoNe, Am I DrEaMiNg? OuCh, ThAt HuRtS!!! I'm NoT dReAmInG. iTs rEaLlY oVeR!!! i CaNt BeLiEvE i MaDe It ThRoUgH wItHoUt CoMmItInG sUiCiDe.

WeLl, NoW tHaT eXaMs ArE oVeR, iTs TiMe To LiVe A lIl. BrInG oUt ThE MoViEs, BlAsT tHoSe TeChNo SoNgS aNd PrEpArE fOr A wORld Of FuN. dOtA aNyOnE? jUsT cAlL, aNd I'lL bE tHeRe. OnLiNe? SuRe No PrObLeM. wAnNa Ps2 In My HoUsE? sUrE nO PrObLeM, jUsT bE sUrE yOu'Re PrEpArEd To WeAr GlAsSeS. (^^)

i'Ll bE gOiNg To CaMeRoN oN FrIdAy TiLl SuNdAy. ThEn I'm HeAdEd To Kl TiLl 17tH. gOnNa TrY tO sNaP lOtS oF pIcS fOr Ya AlL tO sEe. I'Ll TrY tO sNatCh My CuZ's CoMp tO pOsT. sO dUn WoRrY. bY tHe WaY, gReAt PaRtY iN kL. iTs On ThE 16tH, sO tHoSe Of YoU iN kL bEtTeR cAlL mE uP fOr DeTaIlS. yOu WoNt WaNnA MiSs ThIs GrEaT eVeNt WiTh LoAdS oF pErFoRmAnCeS aNd FoOd. AlSo, My MaIn MaN, tHe SpEcTaCuLaR JeFf-DiNi WiLl Be PeRfOrMiNg SoMe MaGiC AcTs. So DoNt MiSs It. CaLl Me!!

WeLl ThAt AlL FoR nOw, WiLl KeEp YoU aLl uPdAtEd.