Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I'm BaCk!! ThIs TiMe I'lL sHoW yOu AlL sOmE pIcS fRoM mY CaMeRoN TrIp. MoRe PiCs ThAn WoRdS tHiS tImE. a PiCtUrE sHoWs A tHoUsAnD WoRdS. EnJoY (^^)

MoRnInG mArKeTiNg

HmM, iS tHiS nIcE?


WhAt ArE tHeY lOoKiNg At? Is My FlY oPeN?

KiNg BuRgEr (15cM hIhg)

BaNg!! BaNg!! OnE SiP aNd YoU dIe!!

SleEpInG BeAuTy, WhErE's HeR PrInCe?

CoSpLaY!! My CuZ = LeAnInG ToWeR oF PiSa

WaNnA rUmBlE?!

ThAt AlL fOr NoW. tOo LaZy. (XD) WaTcH oUt FoR pArT 2!! ByE fOr NoW.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Am I Dreaming?

hIe AlL, iTs Me AgAiN. gUeSs WhAt? StPm Is FiNaLly OvEr. O-jOy!!! I gUeSs ThIs Is WhAt YoU'Ll SeE iN EvErY UpPeR sIx StUdEnTs BloG. sTpM iS oVeR!! wOw I sTiLl CaNt BeLiEvE iT. iTs FiNaLlY oVeR. PiTcH mE sOmEoNe, Am I DrEaMiNg? OuCh, ThAt HuRtS!!! I'm NoT dReAmInG. iTs rEaLlY oVeR!!! i CaNt BeLiEvE i MaDe It ThRoUgH wItHoUt CoMmItInG sUiCiDe.

WeLl, NoW tHaT eXaMs ArE oVeR, iTs TiMe To LiVe A lIl. BrInG oUt ThE MoViEs, BlAsT tHoSe TeChNo SoNgS aNd PrEpArE fOr A wORld Of FuN. dOtA aNyOnE? jUsT cAlL, aNd I'lL bE tHeRe. OnLiNe? SuRe No PrObLeM. wAnNa Ps2 In My HoUsE? sUrE nO PrObLeM, jUsT bE sUrE yOu'Re PrEpArEd To WeAr GlAsSeS. (^^)

i'Ll bE gOiNg To CaMeRoN oN FrIdAy TiLl SuNdAy. ThEn I'm HeAdEd To Kl TiLl 17tH. gOnNa TrY tO sNaP lOtS oF pIcS fOr Ya AlL tO sEe. I'Ll TrY tO sNatCh My CuZ's CoMp tO pOsT. sO dUn WoRrY. bY tHe WaY, gReAt PaRtY iN kL. iTs On ThE 16tH, sO tHoSe Of YoU iN kL bEtTeR cAlL mE uP fOr DeTaIlS. yOu WoNt WaNnA MiSs ThIs GrEaT eVeNt WiTh LoAdS oF pErFoRmAnCeS aNd FoOd. AlSo, My MaIn MaN, tHe SpEcTaCuLaR JeFf-DiNi WiLl Be PeRfOrMiNg SoMe MaGiC AcTs. So DoNt MiSs It. CaLl Me!!

WeLl ThAt AlL FoR nOw, WiLl KeEp YoU aLl uPdAtEd.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Big Fat Loser

hI, iT's Me AgAiN. i KnOw My ExAmS hAvE nOt EnDeD bUt ThErE's A 5 dAyS GaP uNtIl ThE lAsT pApEr, So I'm UpDaTiNg A bIt. WeLl, tHeRe'S oNlY oNe PaPeR lEfT aNd ThEn It WiLl FiNaLlY bE oVeR. sTpM wIlL fInAlLy Be OvEr. I sHoUlD bE hApPy RiGhT? wElL, tO tElL tHe TrUtH, i'M nOt HaPpY aT aLl. ToDaY, iS mY cHeMiStY pApEr 2 AnD i ToTalLy FlUnGeD iT. (T.T) dIsApPoInTeD wItH mYsElF. i'M sO sTuPiD. eVeN tHoU i FoCuS sO mUcH oN cHeM, i StIlL cAnT aNsWeR a SiNgLe QuEsTiOn. StUpId StUpId StUpId!!!

I wAs So PaThEtIc In ThE eXaM hAlL. pEoPlE uSe a FuLl 2 HoUrS aNd 30 MiNuTeS tO dO tHiEr PaPeR wHiLe I FiNiShEd AnSwErInG aLl ThE qUeStIoNs I kNoW iN LeSs ThAn 45 MiNutEs. WhIlE oThErS aRe BuSy tHiNkInG oF hOw tO ExPlAiN tHe HyBrIdIsAtIoN oF C2H2, I wAs BuSy ThInKiNg HoW tO eXpLaIn My FaIlUrE tO mY pArEnTs. WhIlE oThErS are BuSy PrEsSiNg tHiEr CaLcUlAtOr To GeT tHe mAsS oF tHe HaLoAlKaNe, I wAs BuSy sHiNiNg My CaLcUlAtOr WiTh A tIsSuE pApEr. NeEd I sAy MoRe? I'm PaThEtIc. (T.T)

HaIz, I'm JuSt NoT cUt OuT fOr ChEm StUfF. hAvE tO fAcE tHe FaCt. I WaS nEvEr gOoD wItH ChEmIsTrY, nO mAtTeR hOw hArD i TrY. I eVeN gAvE uP mY bIoLoGy To StUdY ChEmIsTrY dUrInG tHe HoLiDaYs. AnD sTiLl CaNt AnSwEr A SiNgLe QuEsTiOn. At LeAsT oThEr SuBjEcTs I cAn WrItE sOmEtHiNg ThErE bUt ChEm...No HoPe.

I'm ThE bIgGeSt LoSeR iN tHiS wOrLd. If ThErE iS a LoSeR cOmpEtItIoN, i DiD bE tHe ChAmPiOn EvErYtImE. aT lEaSt I dId Be GoOd In SoMeThInG bUt PrObLeM iS tHeRe'S nO sUcH tHiNg. GuEsS i'M sTuCk BeInG a LoSeR fOrEvEr!! SoMeOnE pLeAsE gIvE mE a TiCkEt OuT oF LoSeRvIlLe LiKe ThE sOnG fRoM sOn Of DoRk.

WeLl, tHaT's ALl FoR tHiS tImE. lOsEr SiGnInG oUt.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


oMg!! StPm Is HeRe, I'm NoT rEaDy!! (T.T) ToDaY iS tHe SeCoNd DaY oF sTpM. i'Ll Be TaKiNg My Pa PaPeR iN tHe AfTeRnOoN. wElL i GuEsS tHiS wIlL bE tHe LaSt UpDaTe FoR nOw. I'Ll StArT uPdAtInG aGaIn AfTeR mY ExAmS(4.12.2007). iT's KiNdA bOrInG aNd ReTaRdEd ThIs fEw DaYs, StUdY, eAt, SlEeP, tHaT's AbOuT wHaT i Do EvErYdAy. NoThInG mUcH tO bLoG bOuT. aCtUaLlY tHiS pOsT iS JuSt To TeLl EvEryOnE tHaT i'Ll StOP bLoGgInG fOr ThE mEaN tImE. sTuPiD eXaMs. WeLl, tHaTs AlL. sEe Ya AlL!!

P/s : GoOd LuCk To AlL sTpM aNd SpM cAnDiDaTeS!! aLl ThE bEsT!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

50th Anniversary!!

HiE aLl, iT's Me AgAiN. wElL, jUsT fInIsHeD sTuDyInG aNd I hAvE nOtHiNg To Do In ThE mIdDlE oF tHe NiGhT, oR sHoUlD i SaY mOrNiNg? So HeRe I aM wRitTiNg My SeCoNd PoSt. ThAnKs To ErN aNd VaI fOr ThIeR cOmMeNtS On My PrEvIoUs PoSt, YoU gUyS rOcK mY wOrLd. WeLl fOr ErN, i'Ll WoRk hArD tO aDd In ThE eLeMeNtS yOu MeNtIoNeD tO mE. AnD aS fOr VaI, dUdE yOu ShOuLd sO sTarT a BlOg, KiNdA aDdIcTiVe AcTuAlLy. HoWeVeR, i'Ve To AdMiT, SoMeTiMeS iTs KiNdA tIrInG tO bLoG, oR iS iT cAuSe I'm ToO LaZy? (o.O) WelL, tO aLl oF mY fRiEnDs, GiVe Me YoUr BlOg LiNkS sO ThAt I CaN PoSt ThEm HeRe Ok? ThAnKs A BuNcH. LoVe Ya AlL...

wElL, tHe DaY WeNt On JuSt ThE sAmE aS aNy OtHeR uSuAl DaY, i StUdIeD aWhIlE iN tHe MoRnInG aNd ToOk My NaP iN tHe AfTeRnOoNs. I LiKe To TaKe LoNg NaPs, YeS I aDmIt, I'm A PiGgY. gUiLtY aS ChArGeD!! aNyWaY, I wAs DrEaMiNg BoUt PlAyInG dOtA wItH mY sOuL bRoS aNd wAs JuSt AbOuT tO PaWn CaLvIn aKa DoTa MaStEr (If YoU dIdNt PaWn HiM oNcE, YoU'rE nOt cOnSidErEd A PrO) (^^) wHeN aLl oF a SudDeN "BaMmMmMm!!" My MuM WoKe Me Up SaYiNg "GeT rEaDy, FolLoW mE tO tHe BaKeRy". Oh, ThE pAiN, tHe AgOnY!!! nOoOoOoOo!!! CaLvIn WhY??!! tHeN i FoUnD oUt It'S mY gRaNdPaReNtS' 50tH aNnIvErSaRy. FaSt FoRwArD....gOt ThE cAkE...fEtCh mY gRaNdpArEnTs...ArRivE aT rEsTaUrAnT...oRdEr FoOd..eTc EtC...

tHeN cAmE tHe GoOd PaRt, " THE O SO DELICIOUS CAKE!!" mY dAd oPeNeD tHe bOx aNd ThErE iT wAs, tHaT bEaUtIfUl CakE wItH aLl iTs ShInNinG gLoRy. BrInGs TeArS tO mY eYeS... wElL sOoN tHe GlOrIoUs cAke DoNt lOoK sO gLoRiOuS aNyMoRe, aFtEr AlL tHe cUtTiNg aNd AlL. wElL, i gUeSs yOu kNoW tHe dRiLl, SeNd tHeM bAcK, eTc EtC...

aFtEr AlL tHaT, i SaT dOwN aNd tHoUgHt, "WoW, 50 yEaRs tOgEtHeR, tHeY'rE sO lUcKy. I wOnDeR wIlL i bE aS lUcKy aS tHeM? sO fAr iN mY lIfE, I'vE bEeN sCrEwInG eVeRy SiNgLe "ReLaTiOnShIp" ThAt I hAd. CaNt SaY i DoNt ReGrEt My AcTiOnS. aLl I cAn SaY iS oNe CaN lEaRn A tHoUsAnD lEsSoNs FrOm A sInGlE fAiLuRe. I hOpE oNe DaY, i'Ll FiNaLly GrAdUaTe AnD aLl ThEsE pAiN aNd SuFfErInG oF lIfE wIlL aLl PaY oFf. I sTiLl hAvE a LoT tO lEaRn AnD i PrAy ThAt i'Ll bE gIvEn ThE cHaNcE tO dO sO. wElL tHaTs AlL fOr ThIs TiMe. SeE yA aLl AgAiN.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Brand New

yEaH!! WaZzUp AlL!! fInAlLy StArtEd A bLoG!! eXcIteD? fOr AlL tHoSe PeOpLe ThAt SaId, "DaNiEl Is ToO lAzY tO sTaRt A bLoG", wElL... "iN yOuR fAcE!!" rIGhT, nOw ThAt'S oUt Of ThE wAy, LeT's GeT tO ThE iNtRoDuCtIoNs. My NaMe Is DaNiEl ChIn TuNg LeOnG, yOu CaN cAlL mE a WiDe vArIeTy Of NaMeS. FoR iNsTaNcE, dAnIeL, ChIn, LeOnG, dAn, NiEl, eTc, EtC bUt MoSt oF mY fRiEnDs jUsT cAlL mE dAnIeL oR sIcKfIsH(=.=) . i'M 19 tHiS yEaR(2007), cUrReNtLy iN a LiL pEaCeFuL tOwN tAiPiNg. SuBjEcT tO cHaNgE aFtEr My StPm WhIcH iS 2 wEekS FrOm NoW. oMg!! WhAt Am I dOiNg HeRe, ShOuLd Be StUdYiNg. BetTeR fInIsH tHiS fAsT aNd StUdY. wElL AnYwAy, I WoUlD cOnSiDeR mYsElF tO bE fUnNy, KiNd HeArTeD aNd A gOoD lIsTeNeR. sO shOwEr Me WiTh YoUr PrObLeMs, I'lL tRy To HeLp If I aM aBlE tO. i'M aLsO kNoWn As ThE eMotIoNaL oNe aMoNg My FrIeNdS bUt DoNt LeT tHaT sCaRe YoU. wHeN i Am EmO, nOrMalLy I'lL jUsT jAm GuItAr SoLoS(yEs, I dO pLaY gUiTaR) Or bLaSt My Mp3 To ThE mAx WiTh My FaV sOnGs. I'm ReAlLy InTo MuSic aNd MuSiC iS mY lIfE. cAn YoU iMaGiNe A wOrLd WitHoUt MuSic? I'lL bE tHe FiRsT tO dIe If ThaT hApPeNs. WeLl, I'Ll KeEp ThIs ShOrT aNd SiGn OuT nOw To StUdY. iF aNyOnE wAnTs To KnOw Me BeTteR, vIsIt My FrIeNdStEr PrOFiLe At Or AdD mY mSN
sTaY tUnEd FoR mOrE fRoM mE, I'lL tRy To UpDaTe wHeN i GeT tHe ChAnCe. ByE fOr NoW. dOnT fOrGeT tO LeAvE a CoMmeNt.