Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Before and After Exam

Before Exams:

1. Sleep early to "so call" wake up earlier to study...
2. Dont wanna wake up... study fail...
3. Study after the initial down time...
4. Stay at home or in the library...
5. Not doing anything fun at all...

After Exams:

1. Sleep super late
2. Wake up super early to play
3. No study at all
4. Always out with friends
5. Basically having a very fun time


1. I'm gonna be super BROKE
2. I'm gonna be TIRED AS HELL

Thou, I'll be having lots of fun i guess... Worth it! I guess this is what you call "Give and Take"... xD

Friday, December 10, 2010


Exams are officially over!!! Now is time for something even more stressful... swt

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Taking A Leap Of Faith?

Its fairly easy for us to dream, to plan our lives and to imagine how we want our lives to be. We make lists of things we wanna do, we wake up every morning reminding ourselves what we want to accomplish on that day, we visualize and we affirm. However, when the time comes to actually put our plans into motion, how many of us will suddenly feel scared, or hesitant? Cold feet? Scared of the unknown results of the plan? Suddenly everything we have done so far seems foolish and a complete waste of time. Doubt slowly creeps into our mind. What if we fail? What if i become the laughingstock? What if i lose something dear to me?

This is the time for us to stop, and evaluate our life. Make a list of pros and cons of chasing after that dream. We may decide to stop taking the risk and its perfectly fine. We have every right to stay where we are if we have valid reasons. We are not cowards for choosing to stay where we are, we have just made a decision, based on our knowledge and intuition of what we need at this point in time. But if our fears are seemingly groundless, or if the cons of staying in our present circumstances are too unpleasant, we may decide to finally take the leap.

Sometimes, circumstances push us to a decision. What i think is most important when taking a leap of faith is to remember, when we are airborne, we must remember to have faith, as the name Leap Of Faith suggests. Faith in God, faith in ourselves, faith that we have what it takes to succeed, and faith that the Universe wants us to succeed. Then comes hard work, giving our all to achieve our dreams. Giving nothing less than a hundred percent. If we do this, no matter the result, we never fail. Even if things don't turn out exactly as we hoped, we will still have attained a measure of success and that alone my friend makes the entire JOURNEY worthwhile.

I have a dream and i have chosen to take a LEAP OF FAITH. Will you do the same for your dreams? Remember, any of us can take a leap of certainty. It takes much more courage to take a leap of faith.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I Heart All The Below!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Slave To Money

What is your relationship to money? Is money your comfort, your god, your friend, your master, servant, lover?

I have morning classes every Tuesday and Thursday. In order to avoid the dreaded morning jams, i will wake up at 6am and be on my way to coll at 6.30am. I'll arrive at 7.00am and stone in the cafeteria till class starts.

Every single time i stone in cafeteria, I will see the same old faces. However, one particular face will always catch my attention. Its a kinda haggard women around the age of 40 to 50. Let me just state that I AM NOT INTO OLDER WOMEN/COUGARS/WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE TO CALL IT AND I AM NOT A STALKER. She just happen to be there every time.

Anyway, back to topic. Why is my attention on her? Reason being, she will always bring her own coffee powder, a canister of boiling water, a cup and cookies/breads. Every morning she will make her own cup of boiling hot coffee and eat her breakfast at the same old corner of the cafeteria.

Well, initially i feel its kinda cool cause me and Zhi always crap about how broke we are and we should bring our own cup noodle everyday and make it in foyer to eat accompanied by sadistic violin songs. However, as i look at her, i noticed something else. She does not smile at all. Every time i see her, she wears that same old sad and dull face.

She might be sleepy but for the sake of the post, we shall assume that she is not happy with her job cause that was the first thing that ran through my mind when i saw her sad and dull face. The next thing that came up was "Did she take up the job just for money?"

When i ask a lot of my friends why are they taking that particular course, most of them will give me the same old answers. "Its cheap" or "When I graduate, I can get a high paying job". Money, everything ultimately boils down to money. I have to agree, money is important but is it worth it? Is it so important that we give up our happiness for it?

I can't answer that question myself as I myself has taken the same road. This made me think, did i choose the right path? What if i end up like that women in the cafeteria, wearing the same old sad, dull weary face. Will I be one of them? Will I somehow find a way to like what I am doing now? That's the question to me and to all of you as well. Have you ever done something solely for money and is it worth it?

As for me, i guess only time will tell.

A little update, exam is around the corner, not looking too good for me. Wish me luck. Mostly wont be blogging till after exam.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Stupid Dream!

I need a break!!! Someone point a gun at me and just pull the trigger please!!!
I dont want to study!!! I dont wanna I dont wanna I dont wanna!!!
I need a way to release stress effectively and without anyone dying (zzz)

Can you believe i actually dreamt of not being able to finish my revisions on time? Thats just sick and lame... To top it of, when i woke up... i was lying on the cold hard floor... face first... with the worst headaches i ever had... I seriously need to chill a bit but how the F@#K do i chill when the exam's next week...

I am light years away from completing my F9 revision and i barely touched my F8... and that small little B@#%H in college is giving us hell by implementing all kinds of I@#$%^C pt specials... If we dont study, we just dont ok? Get that through your retarded piece of S@#T that you call a brain.

Ok, maybe that was uncalled for... but i need someway to release stress... the only way i can think of is blasting that growth deficit I@#$T... I know it's all my fault that I am in this F@#$%D up situation... I should have studied sooner... but I'm just a normal guy... and normal guys dont study day and night... (zzz)

Seriously someone just shoot me and end my miserable life... FML

Ps : something fun for you guys... guess what swear words i used... (xD)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What!? Again!? Sure ar!?

Yes people, I'm starting up my blog again. However this time, i wont be announcing it to anyone. I'll just let them discover it by themselves. The reason is.... well lets face it... i have super weak self discipline and every time i start blogging again, I'll eventually give up after 2 to 3 months and people will be like "expected la". So this time no announcement. (LOL)

So why am i blogging again? Well, lets just say I'm trying to improve myself and being diligent in blogging may contribute a little to my weak and almost non existent self discipline. It might be just a small thing, but to me, if we cant even do the small things right, how are we suppose to get the big stuff done? Right?

A little update about what i have been doing for the past 8 months. Basically...

1. Going to a new gym to try and reduce weight, results are slow but consistent
2. Studying... well just started not too long ago actually (xD)
3. Improving my guitar skills
4. Making new friends
5. NOT BLOGGING... pretty obvious... (xD)

Well, basically that's it. Mostly focused on myself and trying my best to be a better human being. Well, if you guys noticed, i have removed a fair bit of the blogs that i put at the side. Reason being that, ACCA friends all have too little time to blog and a number of them actually deleted their blog and some blogs have been privatized so no point putting it there. Its not cause i don't like you anymore ok?

Songs in this blog will be a bit on the slow and emo side cause I'm going through that whole "FML" phase again. (Why does this keep happening to me? zzz) Well that's it for now i guess, just a totally random post to get things started. Hope you guys don't mind, I just wrote whatever that comes into mind. No structure what so ever... so yea... that's it for now.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guitar Lessons

Attention all!!!

Anyone that wishes to learn guitar, plz contact me. I'll refer you to an awesome guitarist. He's the real deal with lots of performance experience. Dont be shy. Come come. Contact me via my msn, hp or drop a comment here. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Selangor region only.

Once again, i'm not the teacher. I'm just helping a friend out. Chills.

More updates to come later on. Stay tuned. Love ya all and chaoz.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Begin Of The Ending

Class started yesterday and man was it boring. Having 6 hours of tax on your first day of class after a relatively "long" holiday is not fun at all!!! Not to mention tax is my most hated subject. Why? I dont know why... I just hate it...

So with this... i can officially say that the holidays are over for me... no more playing around i guess... its ACCA after all...

I just hope i pass my last sitting and dont have to repaet again... ZZZ

Well anyway, wish me luck.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Short Update

Well... just a short update... Been playing Dragonica night and day... no life-ing... zzz nothing better to do... haiz... i have a sad life... and i TOTALLY love it!!!