Monday, March 17, 2008

Day Trip To Butterworth

ThE TrIp WaS pLaNeD bY mY uNcLe ThAt JuSt CaMe BaCk FrOm ChInA. hE wAnTeD tO vIsIt My AuNt(HiS sIsTeR). MoSt FrUsT tRiP i HaD tHiS yEaR. i WaS sOoOoOo FrUsT!!

MoM tOlD mE tO wAkE uP aT 6aM cAuSe We WiLl Be StArTiNg ThE JoUrNeY aT 6.30aM bUt WhEn I wOkE uP, gUeSs WhAt? EvErYoNe WaS sTiLl SlEePiNg, InClUdInG mY mOm. So I WoKe HeR uP AnD AsKeD wHaT's HaPpEnInG. tO mY sUpRiSe, ThE TrIp TiMe WaS dElAyEd tO 10aM CaUsE mY uNcLe WaNtS tO vIsIt AnOtHeR sIsTeR oF hIs iN TaIpInG. FrUst!! WoKe Up So EaRlY aNd DrEsS mYsElf Up FoR nOtHiNg.

So, I ToOk ThE cLoThInGs I wAs WeArInG oFf(DoNt WaNnA gEt tHeM dIrTy NoW dO We?)

At 8Am My UnClE lEfT tHe HoUsE tO vIsIt HiS sIsTeR. i HaD bReAKfAsT aNd GoT pRePaReD aT 9.45aM. wOrE eVeRyThInG aNd GoT dOlLeD uP aNd StUfF. 10aM, nO sIgN oF mY uNcLe. 10.15Am, StiLl nO sIgN. sO mY mOm dEcIdEd tO cAlL hIm uP tO cHeCk. To My SuPrIsE aGaIn, He WaNtEd To Go At 2pM. hIs HoTeL(pEnAnG) ChEcK iN iS aT 3 aNd He WaS tO gO aT 2(=.=) sO aFtEr ReAsOnInG wItH hIm, fInAlLy SaId He WaS cOmInG bAcK.

10.30aM, uNcLe CaMe BaCk. SaId WaNnA tAke A bAtH aNd Go FeTcH hIs Gf FrOm ThE hOtEl. 30MiNs AfTeR hE lEfT hE pHoNeD aNd SaId MeEt At ThE sHoP At 12. (=.=) ToOk Of ClOtHiNgS aGaIn(HoT) 11.50aM wOrE tHeM bAcK aNd ThAnK gOd We ArE fInAlLy MoViNg.

ArRiVeD aT AuNt'S pLaCe AnD sTayeD fOr AwHilE bEfORe gOiNg To PeNaNg To ChEcK mY uNcLe In. SuPrIsE sUpRiSe!! BriDgE BlOcKeD dUe To SoMe RiOt. GoD dAm 7@#$%!!! In ThE eNd WeNt BaCk NoT dOiNg AnYtHiNg. UnClE cHeCkeD iN aFtEr ThE bLoCk. OnE wHoLe MoRnInG oF wAitInG fOr NoThInG. HoOrAy!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Clearing My Msn

JuSt LiKe ThE tITlE, i'Ll Be ClEaRiNg My MsN. nOwAdAyS a LoT oF uNkNoWnS kEeP aDdInG mE aNd WhEn I aSkEd FoR aN iNtRo, NoT eVeN oNe oF tHeM rEpLy Me. If YoU'rE gOiNg To AdD mE, aT lEaSt InTrO yOuRsElVeS a BiT. doNt JuSt AdD aNd IgNoRe My MeSsAgEs. I uNdErStAnD tHaT sOmEtImEs yOu'Re AwAy WhEn I mEsSaGe, So I'm GoInG tO mEsSaGe YoU 3 tImEs FiRsT. iF tHeRe Is No RePlY, i'Ll DeLeTe YoU fRoM mY lIsT. sEemS fAiR eNoUgH rIgHt? I hOpE nO oNe WiLl Be OfFeNdEd. If YoU'rE dElEtEd AnD sTiLl WaNtS tO bE mY fRiEnD jUsT rEaDd Me AnD lEaVe An InTrO. dOeSnT mAtTeR iF i Am NoT oN. JuSt LeAvE aN oFfLiNe MeSsAgE. I'lL gEt BaCk To YoU aS sOoN aS i GeT oNlInE.

tHaNk YoU(^^)