Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cost Cost and More Cost!!!

HaD mY dAd OvEr FoR tHe WeEkEnD. hE fInAlLy BrOuGhT dOwN mY eLeTrIc GuItAr WiTh HiM... aNd (InSeRt SwEaR hErE)... mY gUiTaR's A tRaIn WrEcK!!!

i GuEsS tHaTs WhAt HaPpEnS wHeN yOu LeAvE yOuR gUiTaR hAnGiNg On tHe WaLl FoR aBoUt 2 YeArS... hAiZ... gUeSs I hAvE tO sEnD iT tO tHe HoSpItAl... NeEd To ReStRiNg... ChAnGe ThE pIcKuPs AnD dO sOmE mAInTaInCe... GoNnA bE cOsTlY...

My GuItAr AmP dIeD tOo... ZzZ... NeEd A nEw OnE tOo... HaIz... i GuEsS iTs GoNnA cOsT mE aBoUt Rm1000 Or So To GeT mY eLeCtRiC gUiTaR aNd AmP wOrKiNg AgAiN... (G.G)

NoT tO mEnTiOn... My DeSkToP jUsT gAvE wAy... WhAt PeRfEcT tImInG... mOrE cOsT tO bArE... hAiZ... mY dReAmS oF gEtTiNg A NeW bAsS gUiTaR iS fLyInG fUrThEr AwAy FrOm Me... (>.<)... DoNt Go PlEaSe... My BaSs GuItAr... NoOoOoOoOo!!!! CoMe BaCk!!!

aNyOnE kNoW oF a GoOd GuItAr HoSpItAl In Kl? PlEaSe InFoRm Me... ThAnkS.

Monday, August 17, 2009


AlRiGhT lEtS gEt StArTeD. aFtEr OnE wHoLe DaY oF pRoCrAsTiNaTiNg... I'm FiNaLlY iN tHe MoOd To BlOg AbOuT mY mTv WoRlDsTaGe LiVe In MaLaYsIa ExPeRiEnCe. WeLl, AcTuAlLy I aM jUsT bUrNiNg TiMe... ReSuLtS fOr LaSt SeM's ExAmS aRe CoMiNg OuT iN aBoUt 2 HoUrS oR sO... gOoD lUcK tO aLl My CoUrSeMaTeS... aNyWaY i WiLl BlOg AbOuT tHe BaNdS aCcOrDiNg To My LiKiNg... NoT tHe AcTuAl OrDeR oF pErFoRmAnCe. ThE oNe ThAt I hAtE oR dIsLiKe ThE mOsT wIlL bE fIrSt AnD tHe OnE tHaT i LiKe Or LoVe ThE mOSt WiLl Be LaSt.

Ok... FiRsT a LiTtLe InTrO bOuT tHe EvEnT... tHe EvEnT iS hElD iN SuNwAy LaGoOn SuRf BeAcH oN tHe 15Th Of AuGuSt... I gOt My TiC ThRoUgH rIc... ReAlLy HaVe To ThAnK hIm FoR iT... hErE'S a PiC oF tHe MoShPiT wE wErE iN. (pIcS aRe FrOm ThE wOrLdStAgE wEb)

If YoU eNlArGe tHe PiC, yOu WiLl NoTiCe ThAt I hAvE cIrClEd A fEeL hEaDs... ReD cIrCle Is ThE gUy ThAt I WaS sTaNdInG NeXt To... GrEeN iS rIc... Or HaLf Of RiC iF yOu WouLd... AnD fInAlLy ThE BlUe CiRcLe... ThE GiRl I wAnNa KiLl... ShE hElD uP tHe FrEe FaN wE gOt AnD aS a ReSulT... OnLy CaN sEe ThE gUy I wAs StAnDiNg NeXt To... CoMpLeTeLy BlOcKeD mY FaCe... (>.<) ThE eVeNt WaS mC-eD bY sOmE vJs. BeLoW iS a PiC oF aLl FiVe Of ThEm. AnDy FrOm ChInA Is ThE fIrSt OnE fRoM tHe LeFt, FoLlOwEd By DeNiSe, ArT, TaYa AnD fInAlLy ShAwN fRoM kOrEa.

AnYwAy, LeTs CoNtInUe To ThE bAnDs Or PeRfOrMaNcEs. FiRsT oNe Up... PiXiE lOtT.

yEs... ThIs MeAnS i DiSlIkEd ThIs PeRfOrMaNcE tHe MoSt. DoNt GeT mE wRoNg, I lIkE hEr SoNgS aNd AlL bUt I fEeL iTs A BiT oUt Of PlAcE fOr HeR tO bE hErE. aLl ThE oThEr PeRfOrMaNcEs ArE eNeRgEtIc RoCk BaNdS... cOmPaRe ThEm To PiXiE... sHe KiNdA lOsE... hOwEvEr If It WaS a CoNcErT oF hEr OwN... i'M sUrE iT wIlL kIcK bAlLs... I hEaRd ShE wIlL bE cOmInG tO mAlAySiA wItH lAdY gAgA... cAn AnYoNe CoMfIrM tHiS?

NeXt Up... KaSaBiAn... Ok... ThIs ShoUlD bE iN tHe LaSt PlAcE... BuT bEcAuSe Of ThIeR eNeRgY... iT mAdE iT tO sEcOnD lAsT...

i AbSoLuTeLy HaTe ThEm... NoT mY cUp Of TeA... tHeY aRe NoT bAd... JuSt NoT mY sTyLe... EnOuGh SaId...

NeXt Is OuR vErY oWn MaLaYsIaN bAnD... eStRaNgEd!!! ChEeRs!!! JuSt LoOk At ThE bAsSiSt... ThE mAkE uP... (=.=)

ThEy ArE dEfInAtElY oNe Of ThE bEtTeR bAnDs In MaLaYsIa. LoVeD tHiEr AcT aNd EnErGy. I rEaLlY lOvE oNe Of ThIeR sOnG eNtItLeD "iTu KaMu" WeLl ThAt PrOvEs ThAt MaLaYsIaNs ArE bIg EnOuGh To PlAy WiTh ThE bIg BoYs I gUeSs... BuT tHeRe'S rOoM fOr ImPrOvEmEnT.

NeXt Is RayGun!!!

Ok To Be FrAnK... i DiN eVeN kNoW tHiS bAnD eXiStEd BeFoRe ThEy StArTeD pRoMoTiNg ThIs EvEnT... bUt AlL iN aLl... ThEy DiD pReEtY wElL. ThIeR sOnGs SoUndEd VeRy ReTrO aNd It HaS a VeRy CaTcHy ReTrO-nEsS tO tHeM. QuItE lIkE iT. (XD)

NoW fOr ThE tOp 3 BaNdS... tAkInG tHe ThIrD sPoT iS bOyS lIkE gIrLs!!!

Ok, I hAvE tO aDmIt. ThIs Is OnE oF mY fAvOuRiTe BaNd AnD aLsO oNe Of ThE rEaSoN i WeNt To ThIs GiG. ThEy OpEnEd WiTh ThIeR 2009 sInGlE "lOvE dRuNk" wHiCh GoT gIrLs FrOm AlL oVeR sCrEaMiNg "MaRrY mE mArTiN!" mArTiN iS tHe LeAd SiNgEr By ThE wAy. ThIeR sEcOnD sOnG wAs HeRo/HeRoInE aNd WhEn It CaMe To ThE tHiRd SoNg... EvEn ThE wEaThEr WaS wItH tHeM... iT wAs RaInInG fOr A bIt AnD tHeRe WaS tHuNdErS!!! wHeN lEaD sInGeR mArTiN sAiD "dO i HeAr A tHuNdEr?" It GoT tHe WhOlE cRoWd ChEeRiNg As He SaNg ThIeR tHiRd SoNg "ThUnDeR". tHiEr FiNaL sOnG wAs NoNe OtHeR tHaN "tHe GrEaT eScApE" hE eVeN cLiMbEd Up ThE sTaGe BeAmS wHiLe SiNgInG tHiS sOnG. rEaLlY aWeSoMe.

SeCoNd SpOt Is TaKeN bY hOoBaStAnK.

WeLl, I hAvEnT bEeN uPdAtInG oN tHiS bAnD sInCe "tHe ReAsOn" BuT iT lOoKs LiKe ThE aRe DoInG rEaL gOoD wItH tHiEr NeW aLbUm. I wIlL gEt It LaTeR. i WaS lIkE... "i ThInK i WoNt EnJoY tHiEr AcT aS i HaVe LoSt ToUcH oN tHeM bEfOrE tHe CoNcErT". bUt I wAs DeAd WrOnG!!! tHiEr PeRfOrMaNcE wAs AwEsOmE. tHeY eVeN dId "CrAwLiNg In ThE dArK" aNd "ThE rEaSoN". i WaS sO sHoCkEd ThAt ThEy WoUlD sInG tHeSe TwO sOnGs. ThEy ArE mY aLl TiMe FaVoUrItE sOnGs AnD wHeN dAn ThE gUiTaRiSt DiD tHe InTrO fOr CrAwLiNg In ThE dArK... iT aLmOsT mAdE mE nUtZ!!! i WaS sCrEaMiNg AnD jUmPiNg LiKe A lItTlE gIrL (>.<) tHeY eVeN dId "GhOsTbUsTeR" tHoSe JoKeRs... I lOvE tHeM. AnD fInAlLy ThE nO. 1 aNd MoSt LoVeD bAnD oF tHe NiGhT... AAR... ALL AMERICAN REJECTS!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO

ThEy ArE tRuLlY gOdLiKe... WhEn ThEy CaMe OuT aNd SaId "We'Re ThE aLl AmErIcAn ReJeCtS, hErE tO sAvE yOuR sOuLz" ThEy ArE nOt KiDdInG... tHiEr AcT wAs KiCk AsS... bEsT aCt EvEr... ThEy DiD tWo NeW sOnGs... "It EnDs ToNiGhT"... "GiVeS yOu HeLl"... "I wAnNa"... "SwInG sWiNg"... AwEsOmE... cAnT dEsCrIbE iT... jUsT wIsH yOu WeRe ThErE tO sEe It...
WeLl... ThAtS iT fOr My PoSt... ReSulTs CoMiNg OuT iN 30 MiNs... TiMe To GeT rEaDy AnD pAnIc LiKe A sHaKiNg LeAf. (XD) ChAoZ... gOoD lUcK gUyS!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Got A Feeling, That Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night

WoOhOo... JuSt CaMe BaCk FrOm MtV wOrLd StAgE... (iNsErT sWeAr HeRe) AwEsOmE...
wIlL bLoG aBoUt It ToMoRrOw AfTeR i GeT tHe PiCs FrOm RiC... cHaOz...