Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Taking A Leap Of Faith?

Its fairly easy for us to dream, to plan our lives and to imagine how we want our lives to be. We make lists of things we wanna do, we wake up every morning reminding ourselves what we want to accomplish on that day, we visualize and we affirm. However, when the time comes to actually put our plans into motion, how many of us will suddenly feel scared, or hesitant? Cold feet? Scared of the unknown results of the plan? Suddenly everything we have done so far seems foolish and a complete waste of time. Doubt slowly creeps into our mind. What if we fail? What if i become the laughingstock? What if i lose something dear to me?

This is the time for us to stop, and evaluate our life. Make a list of pros and cons of chasing after that dream. We may decide to stop taking the risk and its perfectly fine. We have every right to stay where we are if we have valid reasons. We are not cowards for choosing to stay where we are, we have just made a decision, based on our knowledge and intuition of what we need at this point in time. But if our fears are seemingly groundless, or if the cons of staying in our present circumstances are too unpleasant, we may decide to finally take the leap.

Sometimes, circumstances push us to a decision. What i think is most important when taking a leap of faith is to remember, when we are airborne, we must remember to have faith, as the name Leap Of Faith suggests. Faith in God, faith in ourselves, faith that we have what it takes to succeed, and faith that the Universe wants us to succeed. Then comes hard work, giving our all to achieve our dreams. Giving nothing less than a hundred percent. If we do this, no matter the result, we never fail. Even if things don't turn out exactly as we hoped, we will still have attained a measure of success and that alone my friend makes the entire JOURNEY worthwhile.

I have a dream and i have chosen to take a LEAP OF FAITH. Will you do the same for your dreams? Remember, any of us can take a leap of certainty. It takes much more courage to take a leap of faith.