Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Still Waiting

ReCeNtLy I'Ve BeEn A VeRy UnAcTiVe BlOgGeR. MaYbE iTs BeCaUsE NoThInG InTeReStInG eVeR HaPpEnS iN My LiFe. BuT I GuEsS AlL ThAt Is GoInG To ChAnGe. At LeAsT tHaTs WhAt I HoPe FoR.

FiRsT tHiNg'S FiRsT. mOcK hAd PaSsEd... As UsUaL i Am NoT rEaDy FoR iT. dOnT eXpECt ToO MuCh... ClAsSeS hAvE OfFiCiAlLy EnDeD tOo... AlL ThAtS lEfT iS EdC aNd StUdY lEaVe. I'M cUrReNtLy HaViNg A 2 wEeKs StUdY lEaVe. ItS tImE tO StUdY sErIoUslY aNd PaSs My FiNaLs. No MoRe DiStRaCtIoNs. No MoRe SiDe TrAcKiNg. I hOpE i'Ll Be AbLe To FoCuS tHiS TiMe...

AnOtHeR tHiNg Is, I'Ve FiNaLlY mOvEd OuT oF tHe RoTtEn DoG hOuSe ThAt I uSeD tO lIvE. i'M cUrReNtLy LiViNg WiTh My MoM aNd UnClE iN KoTa KeMuNiNg. ItS jUsT fOr A MoNtH oR sO. mY hOuSe Is CuRrENtLy In "ToUcHiNg Up" StAtE aNd WiLl Be ReAdY sOoN. lOoK fOrWaRd To It So MuCh. SiNcE i DoNt LiVe BeHiNd My CoLlEgE AnYmOrE, i'Ll Be FiNaLlY GeTtInG a CaR. iTs NoThInG FaNcY. jUsT a NoRmAl CheAp SeCoNdHaNd CaR. mY pArEnTS ThInK i DrIvE tOo FaSt AnD dAnGeRoUs. So, AcCoRdInG To ThEm I ShOulD GeT a SeCoNdHaNd CaR. "bAnG aLsO wOnT sO HeArT pAiN wO, CaUsE oLd CaR." wElL TeChNiCaLlY qUiTe TrUe, SiNcE i Am NoT uSeD tO ThE RoAdS iN Kl YeT. bUt I aM nO wHeRe NeAr DaNgErOuS!!! zZzZzZz... YeS, i DrIvE FaSt, BuT oNlY At CeRtAiN PaRtS wHeRe I CaN, nOt SiMpLy DrIvE... yOu CaNt Be DrIvInG 60 aT a SuPeR bIg RoAd WiTh No CaRs RiGhT? oH wElL tHeY wIlL NeVeR UnDeRsTaNd...

I mIgHt NoT bE oN mSn FoR aWhIlE. wHy? CaUsE i Am PlAYiNg ThE sIgN iN aNd OuT gAmE. ThAt'S tHe TeRm I gAvE iT. mY mSn KeEpS sIgNiNG mE OuT iMmEdIaTeLy AfTeR i LoGiN. MuSt Be SoMe StUpId ViRuS oR mY nEw IsP. sOrRy EsThEr, ChAt HaLf WaY oFfLiNe YeStErDaY. mY hP dIEd ThAt DaY, sO cAnT rEtUrN yOuR sMs. I'lL ReLoAd SoOn AnD ExPlAiN. (XD) iF aNyOnE kNoWs A FiX fOr ThIs PrObLeM, PleAsE tElL mE. i NeEd My MsN sInCe I'Ll Be AlOnE mOsTlY NoWaDaYs. No MoRe RoOmY. (T.T)

I GuEsS i WiLl StOp HeRe FiRsT. wAnNa PlAy GaMe. 88

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I gUeSs ItS aBoUt TiMe To UpDaTe My HaLf DeAd BlOg. ItS bEeN vErY bOrInG lAtElY... tOo BoRiNg... EvErYdAy LiFe GoEs... NoThInG sPeCiAl EvEr HaPpEnS... dAy In DaY oUt ItS jUsT tHe SaMe OlD tHiNg... HaIz...

UpDaTeS.... iN a NuT sHeLl... SaMe ShIt... DiFfErEnT dAy... =.=