Friday, February 15, 2008

My Mvp Valentine

VaLeNtInE's DaY...fInAlLy ItS oVeR. (=_=) sOmEhOw, I dOnT rEaLlY lIkE tHiS dAy. MaNy WiLl ThInK oF iT aS a VeRy SpEcIaL dAy BuT i JuSt DoNt GeT iT. (>.<) mAyBe ItS cAuSe I DoNt HaVe A vAlEnTiNe EvErY SiNgLe YeAr. SaD cAsE...

aNyWaY, tHeRe'S sOmEtHiNg I nOtIcEd, On VaLeNtInE's DaY, wHiLe EvErY sInGlE FrIeNd I kNoW iS oUt DaTiNg WiTh HiS oR HeR VaLeNtInE, i'Ll Be StUcK iN FrOnT oF a CoMp, PlAyInG dOtA. i StArTeD pLaYiNg DoTa On VaLeNtInE's DaY lAsT yEaR wItH 3 oThEr GuYs. tHaT wAs ThE FiRsT tImE i EvEr pLaYeD dOtA. aS i ReMeMbEr, Me, YeW MeNg, FrEdDiE aNd YiK FuNg WaS dAtElEsS lAsT yEaR. sO, wE dEcIdEd To HaVe A dAtE wItH dOtA. (=_=)

fUnNy ThInG wAs, ThIs YeAr, It WaS aLsO ThE sAmE fOr Me. DaTiNg WiTh DoTa AgAiN wItH 3 GuYs. SaMe DaY, sAmE "dAtE', sAmE nUmBeR oF pLaYeRs, AnD BeLiEvE iT oR nOt, I gOt ThE sAmE HeRo I GoT lAsT yEaR. (=_=!!!) oK mAyBe It WaS a CoInCiDeNt BuT wHaT iF iTs NoT? aM i GoInG tO bE sTuCk DaTeLeSs oN tHiS dAy FoR tHe ReSt oF mY lIfE aNd HaVe To PlAy DoTa wItH 3 OtHeR gUyS eVeRy sInGlE tImE?

NoOoOoOoOoO!!!!!!!! i DoNt WaNnA bE StUcK lIkE tHiS. sOmeOnE, aNyOnE, pLeAsE HeLp Me BrEaK tHiS cHaIn.

Monday, February 11, 2008


i'M sO bOrEd!! NoThInG tO dO!! i'Ve BeEn FeElInG BoReD sInCe I rEaLiSeD tHaT oNlInE gAmEs ArE jUsT a WaStE oF tImE aNd It CaN gEt Me No WhErE. i GuEsS wHaT mY fRiEnD, NaTuRaLStYlE sAiD wAs TrUe AfTeR aLl. Oh WeLl, I'Ll StIlL pLaY iT bUt I gUeSs I wOnT bE tHaT aCtIvE aNyMoRe. I nEeD a LiFe. NoT JuSt SiTtInG fOr CoUnTlEsS hOuRs In FrOnT oF mY cOmPuTeR aNd RoT. (=.=)

AnYwAy, ReCeNtlY i ReCeIvEd A FeW cOmMeNtS oN mY BlOg SaYiNg ItS cOoL aNd AlL bUt ItS jUsT nOt InFoMaTiVe EnUfF. (=.=!!!) wElL sInCe YoU gUyS GaVe Me ThIs CoMmEnT, i'Ll TrY tO aDd SoMe InFoRmAtIvE aRtIcLeS oNcE iN aWhIlE BuT dOnT ExPecT lOtS oF iT cAuSe I'm MoStLy JuSt UsInG tHiS bLoG tO eXpReSs MySelF. hOpE tHaT wIlL FuRtHeR iMpRoVe My BlOg.

I'vE aLsO dEcIdEd To AdD a PuBlIcItY pOsT oNcE iN aWhIlE. sO fOr ThOsE oF yOu WhO wIsH tO PrOmOtE YoUrSeLf HeRe CaN CoNtAcT mE. i'Ll aLsO rAnDoMlY cHoOsE mY fRIeNdS tO kInDa "FeAtUrE" yOu HeRe. ItS jUsT tO LeT pEoPlE tO kNoW yOu MoRe. Of CoUrSe I'lL aSk FiRsT.

oNe LaSt ThInG. iTs FoR mY bEsT fRiEnD tHaT mAdE a BeT wItH mE BoUt ThE sMaLl BiG LeTtErInG aNd 50 WoRdS. fOr AlL tHoSe InFoMaTiVe PoSt, iT wOnT bE iN sMaLl BiG lEtTeRiNg CaUsE mOsTlY wIlL Be CoPy PaStE oNlY.

wElL, tHat'S aLl fOr NoW. bYe ByE.