Thursday, April 24, 2008

Turning of the leaf

My NeW lIfE hAs StARtEd HeRe In SuNwAy UnIvErSiTy CoLlEgE. eVeRyThInG iS aNeW hErE. i HoPe I wIlL bE aBlE tO tHrOw My PaSt BeHiNd Me AnD JuSt RuN FoRwArD InTo ThE FuTuRe. I hOpE tHaT i WoNt RePeAt My PaSt MisTaKeS aNd FlUnG mY eXaMs AgAiN. (^^)

AnYwAy, HeRe'S a LiTtLe InFo BoUt Me NoW. i'M cUrReNtLy LivInG iN tHe HoStEl. LucKiLy, i GoT a GoOd RoOmY. HiS nAmE iS BeNjAmIn. A nIcE FeLlOw FrOm SaBaH. wE DoNt TaLk MuCh FoR nOw BuT i Am ConFidENt ThAt We WiLl Be AbLe To GeT aLonG eVeN bEtTeR iN ThE NeAr FuTuRe. ThE lIvInG cOSt HeRe Is KiNdA HiGh. CaNt GeT a DeCeNt MeAl WiThOuT bUrNiNg A fEw BuCks. I rEmEmBeR mY fIrSt EcOnOmY rIcE hErE wAs Rm6.80, QuItE a BiG sHoCk FoR mE. BaCk In TaIpInG, tHaT wOuLd JuSt CoSt BoUt Rm4.

As FoR mY cOurSe, ThE TiMe TaBlE iS kInDa FrEe. I oNlY hAvE 3 dAyS WiTh ClAsSeS iN a WeEk. I'm TaKiNg AcC iF yOu AlL dOnT kNoW. sO fAr I'm KiNdA lIkInG tHe CoUrSe. BoUt ThE cOlLegE, FaCiLiTiEs ArE ToP NoTcH aNd ThE lEcTuReRs ArE dEdIcAtEd To ThEiR JoBs. HoWeVeR, ThE oThEr StAfFs ArE As LoUsY aS ThEy CaN GeT. iF yOu AsK a SaMe QueStIoN To 3 dIfFeReNt StAfFs, YoU wIlL gEt 3 DiFf AnSwErS. WhIcH oNe ArE YoU sUpPoSe To FoLlOw? (=.=) ObViOuSlY, tHeY aRe NoT eQuIpMeNtEd WiTh PrOpEr InFo aNd JuSt SiMpLy SaY wHat CoMeS iN mInD. aNd ThEy ArE nOt FrIEnDlY aT aLl. SoMe WiLl StArE aT yOu WiTh ThEir RudE BiG EyEs. SoMe JuSt WoNt SmIlE. AnD sOmE wIlL sImpLy AcCuSe YoU. (=.=) oK, nOt AlL aRe LoUsY, JuSt MoSt oF ThEm, BoUt 90%?

Ok, I tHiNk I wIlL sToP hErE fOr NoW. gOiNg To GeT mY BrEaKFaSt. OnE mOrE tHiNg, ThE hOsTeL InTeRnEt SUCKS BALLS!!!sLoW aNd tHeY fReAkInG BlOcK eVeRy SiNgLe ThINg. OnLiNe GaMeS aNd EVeRy SiNgLe CoOl SitEs. EvEn YoUtUbE!! SuCks MaN. So DaRn BoReD hErE. oK hUnGrY d. ByE bYe.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Changing My Email

As I hAvE tOo mAnY eMaIl aCcOuNtS, i'Ll Be DeLeTiNg A fEw Of ThEm. CuRrEnTlY i'Ll Be UsInG mY fReNsTeR eMaIl aNd mY hOtMaIl OnLy. If YoU aSk Me HoW mAnY eMaIl AcCoUnTs I hAvE, i WoUlD aNsWeR yOu ThIs "YoU wOnT wAnT tO kNoW, yOu CaNt CoUnT tHeM wItH aLl ThE fInGeRs YoU hAvE. tHe ReAsOn WhY i HaVe So MaNy EmAiLs Is BeCaUsE i GaMe A lOt. MoStLy OnLiNe GaMeS. i'Ll CrEaTe OnE fOr EaCh GaMe. (=.=)

SiNcE i Am GoInG tO cOlLeGe SoOn(tHiS fRiDaY), I fIgUrEd I WoNt NeEd ThAt MuCh AcCoUnTs. QuItInG mOsT gAmEs SoOn. FoR mY gAmInG fRiEndS, kEeP iN tOuCh. YoU gUyS hAvE mY mSn AdDrEsS aNd CoNtInUe To KiCk @sS iN yOuR rEsPeCtIvE gAmEs. I pAsS mY wIlL oF fIrE tO yOu AlL nOw. (LoL?) KiCk @sS oN mY bEhAlF yOu GuYs. ThAnKs FoR aLl ThE wOnDeRfUl TiMeS yOu GuYs GaVe Me.

ThAtS iT fOr NoW, SigNiNg OuT. PeAcE.