Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another Year Has Gone

Hi again, its been awhile. Well, as usual I got so caught up with my extremely short holidays and accidentally neglected my blog... again. (>.<)...Anyway, its the new years and i should definitely write something here to mark another year of blogging has been completed. (More or less)

Just like that, another year has passed. When i actually sit down and think about it, time really stops for nobody. As i write this post, i'm reminded of a lot of things that happened in 2010. Some good, some bad, the usual. I will not go into detail about it as it will take a really long time.

All i can say is, while Studying in Sunway, i continued to learn many things, about myself, about the people around me and about life itself. Numerous challenges have been thrown my way and as a result, I've learnt to depend on others as the challenges sometime may be too big for me to handle alone. My family, my friends and my God, I thank you all for being there for me and doing that thing you all did one way or another that helped me to move on in my life. No matter how small you might think of the act you did, it meant the world to me. So, THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE!

Well, its time to say good bye to 2010 and hello to 2011. I hope that in this year, i can continue to grow and accomplish much much more. My new year's resolution? Only one, live everyday with no regrets. Thats all, plain and simple. Well, i guess that's it for now. Before i end, i wanna wish everyone reading this post a HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR! Take care and stay cool.