Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quick Update

Hello again, its been awhile since i last blogged, sorry for the lack of commitment... anyway, just a few quick updates. My results are finally out a few days ago. I failed law again (no surprise there) but passed my audit and finance. 2 out of 3... i guess its okay for a last minute buck up. Hopefully i wont be doing any last minute stuff this semester and i can clear all 4 papers i am taking.

I got a new dog again. Yes, i have 4 dogs and a cat now. Its another stray that we found in our garden. Named her Lizzy. She kinda looks like a Terrier. Cute! Might upload a few of her pics here when i'm free. Wait for it ya!

A lot of stuff have been going my way lately but i'm not gonna go into detail about it here. Don't wanna jinx it now do we? I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that it will somehow work out the way i want it to be. Let's just say my life got a little BRIGHTER.

And that would be all for now. Gotta go study in coll.