Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Tale of Two

Harlow! Its been awhile again. I've been busy with lots of things which I will blog about later. Right now, I wanna tell a story. Its called A Tale of Two. ^^ Enjoy.


"Which hat do you think will suit me?" was his first words to her. He was an ordinary guy on a trip with his best friend to get the perfect headgear for his upcoming performance. It wasn't going to well for him that day. So, he decided to get a girl's opinion on that matter. She was his best friend's classmate, out with her "girlfriends" on a girl's day out. Of all places, they met by chance in front of a small shop selling weird costumes and stuff.

She is usually cold and cool to strangers but for some reason, she decided to help him out on that particular day. She looked high and low for the perfect headgear and finally found a big hat for him. The hat had black and red diamond shaped patterns all over it and it kinda looked like a magician's hat. Seeing that the theme of his performance was "A Magical Night", he took her suggestion and bought the hat. He thanked her and they parted ways.

"What's her name dude, it's Rachel, right? I think I've seen her before at our friend's birthday party in April, right?" he asked. "No you dumb fuck! That's not her name!" his best friend replied. His best friend told him her actual name and the topic never came up again for the remainder of the shopping trip. After dinner, he drove back home. As he was driving back, a glimpse of her appeared in his mind. "She would be a great friend" he thought to himself.

Now, he's not very academically inclined. He always had an easy going attitude and did not bother much about his studies. On the next day, he was late for class again. Usually he would just slip into class through the back door but as fate would have it that day, the back door was locked for some particular reason. He had no choice but to walk in from the front door. Just as he opened the door, there she was, sitting in the first row. It was no surprise that he would not know that she was in his class as he would always come in late through the back door, sleep through the whole class and walk out when everyone had left.

Over the next few classes he started to notice her a lot more. He noticed that she's actually kinda cute and would sometimes find himself staring at her from behind the class when he is not sleeping. She, on the other hand, appears to have completely forgotten about him. She would ignore him when they bump into each other and would not even return a smile to him. That's how she always has been, she has always been cold to people she considers as strangers. Guess he's just another stranger to her.

It was result day and as usual, the lecturer would put all the exam booklets in the front table for the students to collect it after class. After most of the class had left, he dragged his half awake ass over to the front and collected his exam booklet. Needless to say, he got a zero. What's really funny was, her exam booklet was right below his. He saw that she had excellent grades. "Wow, I guess they put the lowest and the highest together as a sick joke" he thought to himself.

As final exam drew nearer, he got less care free. For some reason, he got sick of failing and wanted to pass his exams. He needed help. One day, after class, he went up to her and borrowed her notes. She reluctantly loaned him her notes and asked him to return it to her by the end of the day. He agreed and asked for her phone number so that he could contact her if he had any questions. Once again, reluctantly, she gave her phone number to him. He thanked her and got on his way.

During that month, he would send her messages to ask about certain things he did not understood and followed up with some casual chats. She would only reply him after a few hours but it got better as time goes by. They would also go for group studies with their other classmates or some outings organized by mutual friends. He was no longer a stranger to her. He had became an acquaintance.

As final exams drew even closer, he could not handle the stress and gave up. She was annoyed by his attitude and scolded him. That scolding woke him up and he tried his best. Little did he know, he had fallen for her. Exams came, he went in, did his best and prayed for the best. Holidays are finally here. It was his time to try to get closer to her. He messed up... and she ended up avoiding him.

All his friends told him to give up. Even thought she avoided him, he tried his best. Sending short messages to her once every few days. Her message was short and it took ages for her to reply. She was no longer in the same class as him, which made it very hard for him to see her. Her cold reactions towards him cuts through his heart like a rusty knife. Countless times, he felt like giving up but whenever he find himself giving up, he reminded himself. "When you feel like giving up, remember why you're holding on" Finally his perseverance paid off. She was back on speaking terms with him and agreed to go out with him.

He was late again. He rushed to the meeting point. He was sweating profusely. On the roof top of his college, there she was waiting for him. He went up to her and as the sun sets, he asked her the one single question he had always wanted to...

That's the story! I hope you guys are still alive after that. Anyway thats it from me this time.

PS : Happy monthsary Bee! You're just as special to me today and it will never change! ^^


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